Unusual Casino Games

Technically, this isn’t a gambling blog. Actually, it isn’t a blog at all, and it dates all the way back to June 2012, which in online-publication years makes it just a step away from cave paintings. But it’s fun, and since this is my review, I’m going to write about it anyway!

It consciously moves away from a review of the usual casino suspects (craps, blackjack, roulette, poker, slots). Instead, it looks at some of the weirder games that casinos sometimes try out, and then quietly get rid of (and with good reason!). It isn’t that surprising, really – people used to bet on how long it would take for raindrops to slide down windows, and whether it was possible to travel from London to Edinburgh in the amount of time it took someone to make a million dots on a piece of paper. The world of gambling can be a strange place, sometimes. So, courtesy of this old article, here’s a list of some games casinos like to pretend never happened.

War, the first on their list, isn’t so much odd as underwhelming. There are two players who deal out a card and the highest game wins. It’s not exactly the pinnacle of gaming sophistication. In fact, it’s that game everyone played as a child on long, boring, family car trips.

Then, there is the attempt to play roulette with rodents (that is, to use rodents, not have them as your opponents). The object seems to be to put a rodent in a box in the middle of the roulette wheel, place numbered boxes on the outer spokes of the wheel, spin the wheel, remove the box from the rodent and see which of the numbered boxes it runs into.

If you don’t have a gerbil on hand, there’s always the Chicken Challenge: a casino in Atlantic City offers the truly unique opportunity to win 10000 USD in a game of noughts and crosses against their reigning noughts and crosses savant: a chicken, which has apparently toured other casinos, conquering as it went.

So, thank you, The Independent, for making my blogging experience so educational.