Microgaming Releases 2015: Autumn and Winter

As slots continue to dominate the vast and ever-changing terrain of the online gaming industry, the Isle of Man registered gaming software giant ‘microgaming’ continues to upscale its already booming output in an effort to maintain its position as the leading organisation of its kind.

With every passing day, more and more plans are hatched by the organisations boffins, their unending and seemingly never failing attempts to deliver on growing public expectation increasingly impressive as time trundles on.

Titans of the Sun Microgaming

The online gaming industry knows no seasons. There is no quiet time, no peak time, no rest periods. There is only a hungry population of gamers who see that the way forward lies within the world of online gaming, not on the tired carpets of the land-based casino floors.

Microgaming, it would seem, have some real winners to deliver in the latter part of 2015.

The two we’re most excited about at this point in time (we should definitely point out that this is very prone to change) are the tantalising chain titles: “Titans of the Sun: Theia” and “Titans of the Sun: Hyperion”.

Impressive titles indeed, you may be thinking. However what kind of substance can we expect from these highly anticipated games?

Well, both games are believed to host a great deal of individually unique wild and scatter symbols, some graphics that are truly stunning (an asset that is claimed far too much in this industry of ours), 15 lines and all kinds of mystery symbol functions!

There have been a number of preview trailers released for both games to date as well as details of where the games will be found following their dual release later in the year.

Is Bitcoin Replacing Card Transactions in Online Gaming?

If you are an avid online gamer or at least a well-informed individual, you would know that Bitcoin is fast becoming the most preferred payment method in many online transactions. Traditional payment methods like credit or debit card and PayPal are no longer the go-to options for either players or casinos.

 Bitcoin as a popular payment option

Bitcoin suits online gaming!

For those who aren’t quite aware, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that doesn’t fall under any governmental jurisdiction anywhere in the world. Stretching the concept of free market a bit too far, Bitcoin has revolutionized online payment and even stock marketing. The value of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating but it’s nothing different to regular stock options you would own. However, Bitcoin guarantees you complete anonymity of transactions- something that most online gamers would love to have at their disposal.

Your Bitcoin address is comparable to your bank account number, the only difference being the fact that your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed with Bitcoin transactions. That said, Bitcoin shouldn’t be compared to illegal means like money laundering, because every transaction taking place through Bitcoins is available for everyone to see – only except the names of the parties involved.

To get your Bitcoin address, all you have to do is register at a trusted and reliable Bitcoin wallet service.

With Bitcoin, you get a complete package of paying money to and receiving money from online gaming websites and casinos. What’s more, many casinos now prefer to disburse their payments as Bitcoins.

So, it’s pretty clear that Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a popular payment option in the realms of online gaming and gambling.

Hot as Hades’ Making Waves

A new slot game is about to capture the attention of gamers

Every so often a new slot game will come about which does the impossible and captures the attention of not just a particular segment of the online gaming community – but the entirety of the online gaming community. We’ve all seen it countless times in the past and now, with the introduction of the Hot as Hades Video Slot, we may just be seeing it again.

In particular, the newsworthiness of this new production lies within the promotion being run by its creators from July 9th until August 2nd. Upping the stakes to a monumental and previously unseen level within this limited timeframe, players will be afforded the chance to walk away with small fortunes having staked very little of their own money in order to make such a big win possible.

But it’s not just cash; (though a top prize of $100,000 is surely worth talking about?) in fact there is a whole range of specially selected electronic prizes up for grabs for players who opt to take on the game during this time period.

As for the game itself, many to date have been calling it somewhat of a revelation. Following a somewhat typical video slot games format, the theme centres around Greek mythology and sees players engaging with the many dynamics of the unique storyline via a rather charming flame haired character who keeps the interesting friends of Cerberus and Medusa!

One amongst just a handful of promotions of such a calibre to emerge thus far in 2015, very few players are willing to miss out on the action when it arrives in a few weeks’ time.

For more information players can visit the games official website of that of mega developer Microgaming (who else!?) in order to read about its many perks until their hearts are content!

How the Gambling Laws Differ from One Country to Another

The realm of casino gambling has for most part of its existence, been in conflict with the legal systems of the land, wherever it is. This factor has not changed even with the transcendence of casino gaming from real time frame into the virtual frame.

Gambling_globeWhen it comes to staying in sync with the legal systems of specific countries, most casino players online have to maintain parity and acceptance of the regulations stated by the legal systems.

For countless people in Canada, online gambling is surely one of the favourite activities. However, while indulging in casino gaming for cash, players should have a clear idea about the local laws pertaining to gambling.

In fact in Canada, it’s more important for the casino operators to abide by the local laws rather than the players. Canada gambling prevents the online casinos with single exception from operating in Canada. Casinos with license from Kahnawake Gaming Commission are allowed to operate in Canada.

For the players it’s most important to avail services from a reliable online casino, especially, if they are looking for cash games. Unlike many countries, Canada doesn’t penalize its players for gambling online. The only point of emphasis is that the players should register with legal casinos. The players are not allowed to register with casinos that are legally considered unfit to operate in Canada.

UK is another location where gambling is considered to be a popular hobby. Majority UK gamblers prefer the online casino so as to indulge in casino games from their peaceful homes or through their mobiles.

The UK laws are very nominally restrictive towards the casino gamblers. Gambling Act in 2005 legalized UK online casinos. At the wake of the 21st century, the UK gamblers were the happiest people.

2005 also saw the formation of the Gambling Commission allowing it to take online casino license applications since 2006. The licensing regulations are formatted in a manner to prevent problematic gambling schemes. Guaranteeing fair play is one of the prime concerns of UK casino laws. Unlike Canada, the UK players have a pleasurable collection of online casinos.

Massive Reef Casino Projects Receives Environmental Approval

The Cairns casino project received approval from Australian Government.

After considerable delays, Tony Fung’s $8.5 billion Cairns casino project finally received environmental approval from the Australian government. This casino, which will be located just north of Cairns at Yorkey’s Knob, is called The Aquis Great Reef Resort.



The Environmental Approval Process for Aquis

According to news reports, The Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort first received backing from the State Coordinator General in Cairns. Then, just last week, the lavish casino resort got approval from Environment Minister, Greg Hunt.

Hunt says that there are currently 13 environmental conditions placed on the resort’s construction process. Hunt is completely confident that the resort’s developers will uphold all of the 13 conditions during the build.

Politicians who were against building the resort so close to the Great Barrier Reef were concerned about soil runoff, water quality issues, and nutrient deficient soil developing because of careless construction techniques used during the casino build.


Finding the Right Outcome for Both Sides

Tony Fung’s initial construction proposal for the Aquis was to build an $8.5 billion casino that contained over 8 hotels, two different casinos, two large convention buildings, a professional-level golf course, and a wide range of stores and shops.

For this to happen, though, Mr. Fung and his team of investors need to begin raising capital, as well as obtain a casino license from the government. This license will determine how many hotels, casinos, and shops Fung will be able to build.

Pat Flanagan, a project director at Aquis, said that the casino license will help ensure that both the developers and state government are happy about the scale and size of the Aquis project. Initial projections suggest that the casino resort complex could double the region’s tourism revenue.

IGT Release Siberian Storm and Cleopatra in Mega Jackpots

IGT Interactive has freshly launched Siberian Storm and Cleopatra as part of Mega Jackpots campaign in Europe with 20 customers in tow. The twin launches at the same time marks a chance for a few lucky players to get handsome cash prizes during promotional period.


A newly released Siberian Storm and Cleopatra in Mega jackpot from IGT


Large pool of prize money

The top players of two games- Cleopatra and Siberian Storm – is all set to receive a share of the £500,000 prize money booty. This will be valid during the promotional period which started from March 19. The list of prizes includes 50 instant winners, with each of them winning £1,000. According to Leigh Nissim, who is the Commercial Director of IGT Interactive, there are good news galore with extra MegaJackpots titles all set to be launched in the latter period of 2015.


Frequent payouts

Both Siberian Storm and Cleopatra can be played on desktops and through mobiles. Both games will share the pooled jackpots, due to the extended liquidity which was created to boost the winnings and the win frequency. The best feature is that players from all over the globe can play and also win thanks to the multi-currency and multi-language jackpots.

There is a good reason for Mega Jackpots being more popular as they pay out more than their peer slot games. RTP values will be higher and there will be a greater probability of winning more Mega Jackpots awards per bet. Since the games are made by IGT Interactive, it can be safely assumed that game design and artwork will be spectacular.


About IGT quality

IGT Interactive is considered as one of the best game developers in the industry of online gambling. They have released a few of the highly influential titles and have huge cash payouts. Mega Jackpots can be played at 888 Casino among others.

Exciting Offers from 7 Spins Casino

7 Spins Casino is a place for fans to play some amazing online games in a safe and secure environment. However, 7 Spins always goes a step further and matches these thrilling games with equally exiting offers to double the fun. Keeping up with this theme, the casino has hit the right notes in the New Year with some great promotions.

7 spins casino offers

 Riveting raffles

7 Spins has a raffle going on, which they have aptly named Super Bowl. The offer is on till January 18 and players have the chance of winning tickets to the super fun Super Bowl event. The offer is valid for players with a deposit of $50 and they can win up to two tickets. To top this offer, 7 Spins will also cover accommodation and travel expenses.

Another raffle offer at 7 Spins valid till January 31 is called ‘Road to Rio’. Players can participate in it with a deposit of $100. Here players can win tickets for two to Rio de Janeiro complete with 5 star hotel stays, carnival tickets and $2000 for other expenses.

Fun tournaments

Aside from the raffles, 7 Spins is also holding a tournament till January 31. Here ten players will get the chance to win Google Glasses. The casino is also holding another tournament called the Carnival of Venice, which will last till February 7, giving players the chance to win prizes up to $75,000.

7 Spins has set the fun bar quite high with such great offers in the first month of the New Year. It uses gaming software by Topgame, which gives players access to games with amazing graphics and sound. 7 Casino is the place to enjoy fun games of slots, blackjack, keno, poker, roulette and much more.

Gala Mobile Casino logo

Gala Mobile Casino Review

Sometimes, you don’t want the ‘full casino experience’ that a walk-in casino offers, or even the emulation of one that a full online casino attempts. Sometimes, you just want to relax and make a few gambles during your commute, on your lunch break, or kicked back on the couch. When that time comes, it pays to know a good mobile casino—and Gala Mobile Casino looks to be just that. As the official online casino of the Gala Coral Group, one of the top UK gaming groups, Gala Mobile Casino boasts very strong fundamentals and a professional design that more sites would do well to emulate.


There aren’t many mobile casinos with more gaming options than Gala Mobile Casino for one reason: Instead of relying upon any single platform, Gala utilizes IGT, Playtech, and Quickspin in combination. That means endless slots variations, live table games, roulette, and any number of other gaming options and variations on the favorites to keep even the most seasoned gambler busy exploring their choices.


By operating a full-featured mobile site instead of relying upon Flash or device-specific apps, Gala Mobile Casino maintains an extremely high level of compatibility—most smart mobile devices will be able to play without issue. With an internationally-respected gaming license from the Alderney Gaming Commissino, restrictions on player location are minimal, although the site only offers English as a language and British pounds sterling as a currency. Finally, there are around a dozen ways to get your money to and from Gala Mobile, so deposit and withdrawal shouldn’t be a problem—although some report somewhat slow withdrawals, overall opinions remain high.


Support for Gala Mobile’s very solid, as you might expect—this is part of a prestigious real-world casino with a reputation to uphold. Players report a fast turn-around on support issues, friendly staff, and minimal problems overall. Few things matter more than a solid reputation for support, and Gala Mobile Casino has a near-flawless reputation in that area.


A Casino Mogul and a Celebrity Doing Business in the Caribbean

The fabulous relationship between casino resorts and major celebrities continues even as 2014 comes to an end. The latest news are arriving from a tiny Caribbean island that is the smaller of the isles that make up the archipelago of Antigua and Barbuda. It is in Barbuda where Hollywood legend Robert De Niro and Australian business giant James Packer are planning to develop a luxury resort that has some esteemed British royal history.

Mr. Packer is well-known in Australian business circles as the heir of the Consolidated Press Holdings Limited fortune. Mr. Packer currently controls Crown Resorts, which is a major force in the world of high-end casinos. Among the many holdings that Mr. Packer oversees is the glitzy Crown Aspinall’s casino in London as well as the sumptuous Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth, two gaming emporiums known to attract jet-setters and celebrities from around the world.

Boosting the Island Economy of Barbuda

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, recently signed a memorandum of agreement that will allow Mr. De Niro and Mr. Packer to develop a $250 million resort project in Barbuda. Antigua is already known as one of the pioneering Caribbean jurisdictions responsible for supporting the development of online casino structures in and organized and responsible manner; Barbuda is mostly known for its amazing natural beauty and for being the former holiday hideaway of the dearly departed Diana, Princess of Wales.

At one point, the late Princess Diana used to travel to Barbuda on holiday with her sons William and Harry, who were very young back then. The elegant Princess stayed at a resort known as the K Club, which was owned by a fashion designer from Italy. The beachfront resort overlooks a sapphire-blue portion of the Caribbean Sea and has 45 rooms, but it has been out of commission for more than a decade. It is not known at this time if Mr. Packer will build a casino, but analysts are betting on it.


What you need to know about Free Spins, No Deposits, and Free-Play

Online casinos offer a wide array of enticing promotions to new and existing players alike. Free spins, no deposit waivers, and free-play incentives litter the internet, but picking out the best offer is not always an obvious decision. This choice is further complicated by the various eligibility requirements that often accompany these offers, and the necessary difficulty of navigating a casino’s website to redeem them.

The first thing to consider when choosing between these various categories is, where the promotions can be redeemed. Free spins are applicable only to slot machines, and are sometimes further restricted to a particular set, or individual machine. No deposit waivers and free-play promotions are typically valid with all casino games. If you’re not a slot player, it might be better to go for one of the other two offerings assuming they are relatively equal in magnitude.

SlotsAnother area that sometimes trips up players is the difference between new and existing player offers. Many times blanket advertising will deliver the wrong type of promotion and mislead existing players into trying to redeem an offer they cannot and vice versa. It is important to always research eligibility before playing or investing money on an online casino. Getting a deposit back can be quite difficult, and so it is best to avoid this mutually difficult situation altogether with a little fact checking.

When attempting to redeem your chosen promotion, the best place to start looking is the cashier page on the casino website. Usually there will be a redemption icon, or a designated space of inputting your promotional code. In addition, the cashier page also usually contains other helpful links which may aid customers who need clarification or general assistance.