John Grochowski’s gaming blog at Casino City

jglogoEven though this is actuality part of a bigger blog, I feel that Grochowski is worthy of his own mention!

Grochowski is a gambling columnist and best-selling author – his columns have appeared in a number of online magazines and his newspaper columns are syndicated nationally. Since 1996, he has published five books addressing specific games and casino gambling in general – this guy really knows his stuff!

Grochowski writes on everything, from new and different games, to anecdotes of his own gambling experiences, to the different gambling personalities he puts on when he plays as a writer, or simply as an enthusiast. Most importantly, he’s fun! You can learn not only from his tips and reviews, but also from his stories – because sometimes experience can be a lot more useful than a how-to list.

jgsiteIn his latest post, Grochowski talks about his family casino outings, where the object is simply that: to have an enjoyable outing, equal to a dinner out or a film, rather than to make a fortune on slots. This is the opportunity to try out those new machines you’re curious about but wouldn’t risk during more serious game play. Or, if you’re out with a friend, you can pick a relatively small amount of money and have a game to see whose lasts the longest on the slots!

He makes a good point, though he doesn’t ever explicitly say so: it’s important to remember that there’s always a time for whimsy and fun on the casino floor.