Is Bitcoin Replacing Card Transactions in Online Gaming?

If you are an avid online gamer or at least a well-informed individual, you would know that Bitcoin is fast becoming the most preferred payment method in many online transactions. Traditional payment methods like credit or debit card and PayPal are no longer the go-to options for either players or casinos.

 Bitcoin as a popular payment option

Bitcoin suits online gaming!

For those who aren’t quite aware, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that doesn’t fall under any governmental jurisdiction anywhere in the world. Stretching the concept of free market a bit too far, Bitcoin has revolutionized online payment and even stock marketing. The value of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating but it’s nothing different to regular stock options you would own. However, Bitcoin guarantees you complete anonymity of transactions- something that most online gamers would love to have at their disposal.

Your Bitcoin address is comparable to your bank account number, the only difference being the fact that your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed with Bitcoin transactions. That said, Bitcoin shouldn’t be compared to illegal means like money laundering, because every transaction taking place through Bitcoins is available for everyone to see – only except the names of the parties involved.

To get your Bitcoin address, all you have to do is register at a trusted and reliable Bitcoin wallet service.

With Bitcoin, you get a complete package of paying money to and receiving money from online gaming websites and casinos. What’s more, many casinos now prefer to disburse their payments as Bitcoins.

So, it’s pretty clear that Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a popular payment option in the realms of online gaming and gambling.