Hot as Hades’ Making Waves

A new slot game is about to capture the attention of gamers

Every so often a new slot game will come about which does the impossible and captures the attention of not just a particular segment of the online gaming community – but the entirety of the online gaming community. We’ve all seen it countless times in the past and now, with the introduction of the Hot as Hades Video Slot, we may just be seeing it again.

In particular, the newsworthiness of this new production lies within the promotion being run by its creators from July 9th until August 2nd. Upping the stakes to a monumental and previously unseen level within this limited timeframe, players will be afforded the chance to walk away with small fortunes having staked very little of their own money in order to make such a big win possible.

But it’s not just cash; (though a top prize of $100,000 is surely worth talking about?) in fact there is a whole range of specially selected electronic prizes up for grabs for players who opt to take on the game during this time period.

As for the game itself, many to date have been calling it somewhat of a revelation. Following a somewhat typical video slot games format, the theme centres around Greek mythology and sees players engaging with the many dynamics of the unique storyline via a rather charming flame haired character who keeps the interesting friends of Cerberus and Medusa!

One amongst just a handful of promotions of such a calibre to emerge thus far in 2015, very few players are willing to miss out on the action when it arrives in a few weeks’ time.

For more information players can visit the games official website of that of mega developer Microgaming (who else!?) in order to read about its many perks until their hearts are content!