Casino Jones

cjlogoThis is a mecca of Canada’s online casinos, with a convenient table of names, bonus offers, download links and reviews! It’s snazzy, wry and fun. The site is well written and, even more importantly, well researched! They don’t do any of those generic links lists, or unhelpful one-line reviews. They also to their best to make sure that you get all the information you need to make the best of your casino experience.

They offer praise where it’s deserved and pull no punches either. There are even links for mobile downloads. The team provide a list of approved casinos, and they have compiled a blacklist of the ones to avoid – these lists are frequently revised and re-assessed.

cjsiteThey also provide excellent strategies for craps, blackjack, roulette and poker, a list of the highest jackpots and exclusive special offers! There is a blog section, and an ‘Ask Jones’ section where you get to ask any of those nagging casino questions and receive an expert answer. Invaluable advice includes how to spot a safe casino, the best games for beginners, how bonuses work, and how long is too long for a casino pay-out.

And for the meticulous researches out there, the site offers a link to their game bibles for beginners – everything you’ve ever needed to know, all neatly condensed into these helpful ebooks. They are free and they’re meant to help you, so download away!

There is also an element of fun: gambling quizzes, Christmas party ideas, and a running jackpot total at the bottom of the page!