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cctlogoThis is the site that hosts John Grochowski’s articles, along with numerous posts by other strategy experts, like Aaron Todd and Frank Scoblete. They write on a variety of topics, covering relevant points like game strategy, whether casinos mark money and live blackjack dealers vs machines. The writing is engaging and easy to follow, and a nice balance is struck between fresh, amusing, topics and tried-and-true classics. Better yet, there is an ‘Ask an expert’ section, which means that if you have a pressing question, you can ask one of their gaming gurus! It’s not only helpful for the struggling or stumped beginner, but it creates a nice sense of community between the pros, enthusiasts, and beginners!

cctsiteThe site also provides the latest in gaming news, in a clear, easy-to-read, format! No being swamped with pages and pages worth of posts you really couldn’t care less about. The news are updated daily, so that you can easily keep track of all the latest news and offers in the world of gaming. There is also a weekly newsletter, featuring the top gambling news of the week, a new post from one of the resident experts, and a featured article.

The site has separate subsections for slot and poker news, articles and newsletters. You can also look back at old archives and there are a number of links to other useful sites where you can look up casino destination and gambling news!

Better yet, annoying side-bar advertising is kept down to a minimum, so you’ll have a much less irritating browsing experience than on most blogs.